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Hey, I know this is a kind of weird thing to say, but to all you newbies without common sense out there: Do not warn visitors about getting indebted to the carnival. I don't want to see anyone getting in trouble their first week, especially not anyone on my team. Got it?
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If you tell someone after they already became indebted, that's not a warning it's just explaining, right?
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It's VERY IMPORTANT to make sure of things though!
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And now everyone knows that too!

[This was totally for more than personal security. TOTALLY.]
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Oh! [that reminds her though] I need to talk to you later too, so please call later!!

you know how...
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I've got a preeeeeeseeeeent~

Remember that game I showed you?
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You have to come by the trailer, but you're going to like it~!

[She hopes. She thinks.]
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My shift is over hour, so meet me then!

[That should work right??]
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[And here SHE is, beaming and arriving with her hands behind her back.] Just on time! [She remarks.] Ready?
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[Then in that case...TADAH!

Carly brings her arms forward to present a small, wrapped up box, tied rather cutely with a ribbon. When opened, it should reveal cards that look sort of like Carly's own set...but on close inspection, not only was a lot of scrapbooking involved to get any 'card art' in place, it seems that these carefully typed down cards have been laminated after the fact for their own protection.

In other words, this is very much a handmade deck.

...And she seems rather nervous while waiting for Psii's reaction to this.
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what are ac points icly it is time to ask I guess

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I-It is?

[Oh god-] Hahhhhh that's good..!! I wanted to get a real deck, I really did, but even after looking all over the crossroads there just weren't any stores at all..!!

[And it didn't really occur to her that it might be a favor the Ringmaster would grant.]
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apparently its just basically karma sO I WAS RIGHT

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Ahhhh... [...It did.] W-well, even so, if they were real cards you could try my duel disk, and then you could see the holograms, and I thought that would have been nicer than table top, I mean I used to do table top of course, but..!

[She quiets, a little redfaced.] ...I'm glad you like them..!
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New kid..?

[It takes a second.] You mean...Yugi?

[sir ur gonna get creaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamed] ...I'm not really sure this deck can handle him...
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Th-That's true! And dueling is always the best way to get to know another duelist!

...At least that's how it's supposed to work, I think...mmm...

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