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kingsroads: (just sort of huffy and taken aback)
[ The radio comes on mid-conversation. Or seems to. Now what careless carnival worker could have let their thumb slip on the button today? ]

--time like the present. [ Lambert’s voice, light and mocking, is instantly recognizable. ] Don't be shy now.

I need time, [ Jonathan Strange, the other part of this conversation, responds with a little huff. ] You can't expect me to craft a perfect apology on the spot like this.

Doesn't have to be perfect. [ The witcher drawls, with exaggerated patience. ] Apologies usually start with 'I'm sorry.'

Which is only half the apology. Again, I'll need some time to decide what I'm going to actually say.

What's there to decide? [ And, for those who actually know Strange, what follows is a slightly falsetto yet uncanny impression of the magician’s snobby English accent, though it’s pitched a little whinier than the real thing. (No, it’s just as whiny as the real thing.) ]

'My name is Jonathan Strange and I'm dreadfully sorry for freezing the Carnival for a day. Won't happen again. Carry on!' See? Easy.

[ Somewhere in the background, a Haunter is laughing at Lambert’s impression. Strange, however, is VERY put out and starts to whine. Lambert has him pegged. ]

I don't sound a thing like that! Besides, you're one to talk. How many people know you're the new Nightrider?

You're right. Should have thrown in a couple of peninsulas to make it really authentic. [ There’s a pause, before he adds, like an afterthought: ] You're the first one I told.

[ You know, no big deal. Strange pauses for a moment before changing the conversation entirely. ]

Look, just give me your radio before you manage to accidentally muck it up. [ Strange is teasing, but there’s still a bit of a serious tone underneath his words. ] You didn't know what it was the last time we talked, I'm not entirely certain you know how to work it in the first place.

Little late for that.

[ There’s a pause: about as long as it takes for someone to realize a magic walkie-talkie has been on this whole time. Aaand then post ends with just the sound of a scuffle breaking loose as Strange desperately tries to grab the radio and salvage his dignity. All throughout, Haunter’s still laughing like an idiot in the background. At least the radio turns off before the Carnival’s further subjected to these two morons, though not before someone’s foot goes right through a crate and bodies hit the floor. ]

[ ooc: Lambert and Strange are idiots, news at 11. ]
walkonedge: (our unreliable wings now allow us to fly)
If anyone still needs stuff to keep warm, I've found some coats and scarves and other winter clothing in the wardrobe's storage area.

[ There's a sound of boxes being opened and probably the sound of fabric rustling, because he's talking and sorting things at the same time. ]

Let me know if you need to borrow them?
30th-Mar-2017 08:38 pm - PUBLIC CHANNEL - LATER ON DAY 75
wild_magic: (42)
What do you do when someone keeps getting mad at you no matter what you say or do?
30th-Mar-2017 08:57 am - 144.98750 [Public Channel, Day 76]
spaghettimonster: (I'M ELEVEN)
Wow! Is everyone seeing this? Everything's covered in snow!

[Exciting news, everyone who hasn't woken up yet.]

This is so nostalgic. I almost feel homesick!
29th-Mar-2017 06:57 pm - PUBLIC CHANNEL - DAY 75
mylastchance: (pic#11037343)
I... Need help with something. But I can't be specific.

How can you help someone if you don't understand what the problem is?
28th-Mar-2017 11:30 am - Public, Day 75
sunflowerfields: (I'll think of you night and day)
[There's some feedback noises at first, because Hinawa has no idea how to use the magic talky box.]

Hello, everyone! Is this working? Can you hear me?

I'd like to remind everyone to please take care of themselves while out on the islands. The weather is lovely, but the sun can get very hot! Make sure to wear a hat, or feel free to take some coconut oil from the cookhouse. And be sure to drink plenty of water! I would hate to see anyone get sick from the heat.
26th-Mar-2017 03:17 pm - DAY 74: PUBLIC CHANNEL
dorkypantsuit: (=xiv)
Remember it's safest to travel in pairs.

Please be careful. Even if this seems like a safe location, there could be something that doesn't work the way you expect it to.
26th-Mar-2017 11:16 am - PUBLIC CHANNEL: DAY 73, MIDDAY
whattaprick: (lone wolf)
[ The radio crackles to life, if anyone's paying attention to it. There's the sound of waves crashing in the background and gently rolling surf, the distant sound of bird calls... ]

Couple of things about our next stop. First, doesn't seem like there are any demons or vampires, and all my limbs are still here, so that's an improvement. Dress for sunny and hot. Or don't, if you like sweating through your clothes and getting heatstroke. Everything's on a bunch of islands, so if you want to get around you need to either rent or catch something to ride on. Locals will talk your ear off about that if you let them, so I won't get into it.

They're obsessed with animals here, so you'll see plenty just walking around in the grass and in town. Don't seem dangerous, but we haven't seen everything yet. People here use something to keep track of the kinds you run into, but you can get by without it.

[ Its indistinct, but Carly's voice can be heard in the background, a faint gurgle of distress: 'Actually, the Pokédex is very very important, Lambert...!' She is, however, going entirely ignored. ]

That's it from me. Any other nightrunners got something to add, don't be shy.
21st-Mar-2017 10:02 am - Day 70, Faster
dorkypantsuit: (=x)

...Sorry to anyone I hurt.


Let me know if need to rest for a few days.
5th-Mar-2017 04:32 pm - 144.98750: PUBLIC CHANNEL, D66
has_too_many_moles: (manga! I am a doctor)
Hello, This is Yukio Okumura calling from the Medical Ward. To prevent too much Air traffic I am keeping this message short. I am currently assigned as a nurse and with my current understanding- the Doctor in charge is no longer accessible.

[Right after that, there's a small break and a very audible sigh and a light grumble.]

If possible I would like to have some assistance with understanding the current situation and to work with others that are medically trained to help those that are injured.
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