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14th-Apr-2017 03:29 pm - Public Channel
control_freak: (From across the untold miles)
So... how many people here are comfortable with casual sex? I'm asking explicitly about people who might be interested right now, to be clear.

[For something out of Foster's mouth, it's pretty well censored, honestly; he's spent a long time fighting with the urge to do this.]

Don't worry, I'm down for absolutely anything, the harder the better! I'm in trailer 18, so you can, ah... I'm easy to find.
walkonedge: (our unreliable wings now allow us to fly)
If anyone still needs stuff to keep warm, I've found some coats and scarves and other winter clothing in the wardrobe's storage area.

[ There's a sound of boxes being opened and probably the sound of fabric rustling, because he's talking and sorting things at the same time. ]

Let me know if you need to borrow them?
21st-Feb-2017 11:38 am - 144.98750 Public Channel [Day 63]
amusicaladventure: (Alarm)
Hey, guys? Anyone -- I hope you still have your radios...

[Ash sounds worried to the point of frantic, barely keeping her alarm and panic covered under a veneer of anxiety.]

Listen, something's really wrong here. Have you guys actually talked with anyone else? It's scary as hell, guys, they're hollow, it's like their brains have just shut down -- they're running for kicks and thrills like they're the only thing that matters. I mean I know all the drugs and stuff here can have that effect, but it's not just the junkies. And some of you all are scaring the hell out of me too just from what I've seen...

This place isn't safe. We're not safe here. It's too much pleasure and it might even be more than that. Pull out, guys. Please, now.
15th-Feb-2017 08:33 am - 144.98750 PUBLIC CHANNEL
dorkypantsuit: (Default)
Okay! We've got a few more newbies so the mandatory ice breaker game is two truths and two lies! Say two things about yourself that are true and two that are a lie, and then everyone else well try and guess which ones are the lies. Got it?

I'll go first:

My blood is yellow.
I was hatched with four eyes and four horns.
Purple is my favorite color.
I'm a wanted criminal on my home planet.

[OOC: Respond with your own truths and lies and answer each other, or ask Psi about his. Threadjacking is encouraged!]
lordofthering: (heartbreaker)
[Bright and early on Day 58, the morning after the final carnival performances, your radios will light up with a very enthusiastic broadcast from the Ringmaster. Someone's having a good day, apparently.]

Hello, all you beautiful people of mine! Guess what? I'm back to normal! As powerful and gracious as I ever was - and I want to express my appreciation for all the kind words and offers of help you have given during my time of 'weakness.' Your loyalty and support is most flattering!

Even better, with your help I have won my bet! [And she is positively thrilled.] Please know that your combined efforts and my natural cunning have awarded us something very valuable for absolutely zero charge, and it will be of great benefit to our carnival in coming weeks.

I won't bore you with the details, but the carnival is back in action, and we will be leaving Atlantis in three hours! Please finish up any last minute business you may have, and we will be on our way!

[Well! That explains almost nothing.]
pipers_son: (bestia-domitor) (He threw a pool chair off of an)
[Not too long after Grandma Koel's message, Joker's voice hums out from the radios.]

This is yer stage manager speakin'~.

Now, I'm sure some of ya must be a bit nervous about the prospect of learnin' ta fight, and I hear ya. Koel's just worried about some of ya greenhorns and she'd feel better if ya knew how ta take care of yerselves. That last stop got us all shook up.

However, I know that for a lot of ya, it's bit much ta ask for, so I'm givin' ya an alternate solution. I'm still gettin' used ta the spell, but... I can make enchanted items ta help get ya out of a tight spot. Teleportation, s'what it's called, innit? They'll get ya straight ta the grove where us supervisors live, or at least that's what I'll try ta manage. Unfortunately, it'll only work while yer on carnival grounds, but it's better than nothin'.

If yer interested, just let me know~.

[507.50844: Entertainment]

...But, of course, all of ya in performance are gettin' one automatically. In case of emergency, it'll take ya right ta my trailer, where ye can hole yerselves up.
19th-Dec-2016 03:57 pm - Public Channel
amusicaladventure: (Cheer)
Hey, who else plays a musical instrument here? Any kind, any style -- you don't have to be a performer! I need some people to jam with!
fortuneglass: credit - haptisms @ lj (owo'')
[It's been a number of days since Carly has been around. People have noticed. Lots of people.

Except. It seems. Carly.

Hahaha! Um! I think I must have gotten REALLY LOST for a bit...because apparently it's been a few days since I last got back...


I'm still a little dizzy, so I don't think I'm going to try magic in there any more...

[....She should probably be more than just dizzy.]
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