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14th-Apr-2017 03:29 pm - Public Channel
control_freak: (From across the untold miles)
So... how many people here are comfortable with casual sex? I'm asking explicitly about people who might be interested right now, to be clear.

[For something out of Foster's mouth, it's pretty well censored, honestly; he's spent a long time fighting with the urge to do this.]

Don't worry, I'm down for absolutely anything, the harder the better! I'm in trailer 18, so you can, ah... I'm easy to find.
29th-Mar-2017 06:57 pm - PUBLIC CHANNEL - DAY 75
mylastchance: (pic#11037343)
I... Need help with something. But I can't be specific.

How can you help someone if you don't understand what the problem is?
9th-Feb-2017 07:36 am - Public Channel
mylastchance: (🍃 Drafty)
What do you think is the cause of feeling... Restless?
pipers_son: (bestia-domitor) (He threw a pool chair off of an)
[Not too long after Grandma Koel's message, Joker's voice hums out from the radios.]

This is yer stage manager speakin'~.

Now, I'm sure some of ya must be a bit nervous about the prospect of learnin' ta fight, and I hear ya. Koel's just worried about some of ya greenhorns and she'd feel better if ya knew how ta take care of yerselves. That last stop got us all shook up.

However, I know that for a lot of ya, it's bit much ta ask for, so I'm givin' ya an alternate solution. I'm still gettin' used ta the spell, but... I can make enchanted items ta help get ya out of a tight spot. Teleportation, s'what it's called, innit? They'll get ya straight ta the grove where us supervisors live, or at least that's what I'll try ta manage. Unfortunately, it'll only work while yer on carnival grounds, but it's better than nothin'.

If yer interested, just let me know~.

[507.50844: Entertainment]

...But, of course, all of ya in performance are gettin' one automatically. In case of emergency, it'll take ya right ta my trailer, where ye can hole yerselves up.
cuckooed: (what)
[The day after the Ringmaster's public address, the public channel comes alive again, this time with the voice of Koel Babic. Her voice is quiet, but firm.]

Good morning, everyone. This is Koel Babic, your Head Cook.

Starting tomorrow, the Warden and the Ringmaster has authorized an instructor to hold weekly basic training classes, after carnival hours. All employees will be required to attend the first meeting in order for the instructor to ascertain everyone's defensive and offensive capabilities; after this first meeting, only those who do not pass a preliminary assessment will need to attend.

Oh, and the Supervisors - myself included - will be more than willing to personally escort you to the meeting, should you somehow conveniently forget to attend. I simply recommend you don't inconvenience them. Absence based on injury or illness will be accepted so long as our Doctor, Zecora, has confirmed its legitimacy, but you will be expected to attend the next meeting if that is the case.

[A brief pause.]

That is all.
19th-Dec-2016 03:57 pm - Public Channel
amusicaladventure: (Cheer)
Hey, who else plays a musical instrument here? Any kind, any style -- you don't have to be a performer! I need some people to jam with!
pipers_son: (bestia-domitor) (And I'd rather cry while putting a)
[The messages all come in fairly short order, one after another spread across a few different channels.]

144.98750 (Public)
Helloooooo, everyone! Hope the newbies from the last month are gettin' used ta everythin' now, and that our extra new faces aren't gettin' too bothered! Don't worry, we were all in yer position once.

That said, if any of ya come across someone who knows much about sewin' or fashion while we're travelin', let me know, won'tcha?

628.96718 (Wardrobe)
I don't know if the Ringmaster told ya, but, in absence of Variss takin' off, I'll be workin' with all of ya as a temporary wardrobe manager until we find someone else who can step up ta the plate.

I know this is a bit sudden, but lets work together best we can. I ain't expectin' anyone ta change up their way of doin' things much, but I do need ta know what you'll need of me and what you'll want ta do on yer own, all that. We can make this work until we get someone ta fill Variss' shoes.

507.50844 (Entertainment)
Alright! So I'm gonna be a tad busy in the comin' days, takin' on extra work for the Ringmaster. That means I'll need all of you lot ta work yer hardest.

I think at this point, most of ya greenhorns know what's asked of ya, and, for those who've been about, I shouldn't have ta say much about keepin' on track. Tamaki, Lauren, I'm still good for trainin' ya more, so don't worry, we'll still be meetin' in the mornin's. Gottlieb, keep workin' yer doin' good.

If there's anythin' ya want ta talk about, now's the time~.

797.32446 (Cookhouse)
Hey~. Just a quick favor, but could ya make sure that Gottlieb doesn't get too many sweets and the like? I want ta make sure he's on the right track ta bein' in performance shape. And by 'too many', I mean 'at all', ah ha. At least until I have him a bit more used ta exercise.
26th-Nov-2016 09:28 pm - PUBLIC CHANNEL
...I just wanted to say thank you, to those of you that helped me find Susan the other day.

[Feel free to assume your character helped, even if it was in a minimal way.]

I don't make good first impressions. But many of you still helped me search for him. So thank you.

I don't expect I'll be able to pay you back, but I will try.

[Okay, that's it, he said everything he wanted to without looking stupid.]

And, Susan's doing good too. If you were worried.
16th-Nov-2016 05:28 pm - PUBLIC CHANNEL
mylastchance: (🍃 Blustery)
I can't find Susan. Does anyone know where he is?

[He's clearly panicking. Talking louder and faster than necessary, but still not shouting.]

He wouldn't have left without telling me.
13th-Nov-2016 09:27 pm - Public Channel
Can we take the roofs off these trailers?
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