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29th-May-2017 12:44 pm - Public Channel: Day 106
manycharms: (ℳ - 3)
Hi! Um, I'm Marinette!

I guess I'll be here... For a while.

[A long long while.]

Um, is there anyway to shorten the length of time you might be contracted for? You know, like if there's something really really important you might need to get back to?

Well, let me know.

[Rather abruptly she ends the message.]
16th-Apr-2017 05:17 pm - PUBLIC CHANNEL | BACKDATED TO DAY 81
fortuneglass: (:D)
Helloooo everyone! It's one of your friendly resident tailors here, with important news for performers!

Namely that if you're performing you're going to need to wear something!! Yet suddenly I'm hearing that there's at least one last minute act going on!? Whoever you are, you need to get fitted, hurry up, hurry up!

Oh!! On that note though, obviously not everyone who needs clothes will be performing~ So if you haven't gotten yourself re-fitted for things since growing new changes, and you need some alterations, just come by the tailor's tent!~

Or, um, if you're just new as a whole, I guess we can talk about a wardrobe..? Really though, you might be better off just getting clothes from the islands at this point...
6th-Apr-2017 10:31 pm - Public Channel
handwringing: (lets get some big bopper in here)
[There's a crackle, and then a new voice is coming over the radio. She sounds pleasant, and happy to be here, though there's a bit of an edge to it, like she might be stressed out about something.]

Hello, everyone. Since a lot of you are out exploring these islands, I thought this would be the easiest way to introduce myself to those of you I don't know. I'm Elsa. I've been with the Carnival for just a little over two years now, and, well, I'm also your new Treasurer.

If any of you are part of the treasury division, you can contact me through the treasury's channel. Or you can use 144.95613 to reach just me.

I'm looking forward to meeting you all. Thank you.

[That might have sounded a tad over-practiced, but she did it.]
15th-Feb-2017 08:33 am - 144.98750 PUBLIC CHANNEL
dorkypantsuit: (Default)
Okay! We've got a few more newbies so the mandatory ice breaker game is two truths and two lies! Say two things about yourself that are true and two that are a lie, and then everyone else well try and guess which ones are the lies. Got it?

I'll go first:

My blood is yellow.
I was hatched with four eyes and four horns.
Purple is my favorite color.
I'm a wanted criminal on my home planet.

[OOC: Respond with your own truths and lies and answer each other, or ask Psi about his. Threadjacking is encouraged!]
12th-Feb-2017 08:55 am - [ 118.11295 ] Public Channel
musicinmotion: (♫99)
S-Something's wrong. Why--wasn't this stuff suppose to go away when we left Atlantis??

[Hello everyone! Excuse the abrupt message but someone is having a minor freak out. They had left Atlantis and oh was it a great feeling waking up with legs again but after putting his glasses on? Yuuri had realized that something was still wrong.

Namely the blue spots that still ran from the base of his neck down his arms and down his spine. Spots that were definitely still luminescent.

He's scrubbing at the spots as he addresses the network but yeah it's not doing a damn thing.

And there are definitely a pair of small goat horns poking through his hair but those he hasn't noticed yet.


Is this permanent??
lordofthering: (heartbreaker)
[Bright and early on Day 58, the morning after the final carnival performances, your radios will light up with a very enthusiastic broadcast from the Ringmaster. Someone's having a good day, apparently.]

Hello, all you beautiful people of mine! Guess what? I'm back to normal! As powerful and gracious as I ever was - and I want to express my appreciation for all the kind words and offers of help you have given during my time of 'weakness.' Your loyalty and support is most flattering!

Even better, with your help I have won my bet! [And she is positively thrilled.] Please know that your combined efforts and my natural cunning have awarded us something very valuable for absolutely zero charge, and it will be of great benefit to our carnival in coming weeks.

I won't bore you with the details, but the carnival is back in action, and we will be leaving Atlantis in three hours! Please finish up any last minute business you may have, and we will be on our way!

[Well! That explains almost nothing.]
7th-Feb-2017 08:11 am - public channel, d56
kingsroads: (huh what)
[ Now that a day's gone by with nobody trying to put a hit on the Ringmaster, it's the PERFECT time to ask his creepy questions. ]

How many of you have died before, whether on your world or at the Carnival? You don't have to answer if you don't want to, I understand this might be a sore subject for some.

And if you have died, how were you brought back to life? Please try to be as detailed in your answer as possible.

[ just asked like no big deal, there's nothing weird about asking how people died in the slightest. c: ]
spaghettimonster: (COOLSKELETON95)
Attention, everybody!!! Do I have your attention? I hope so.

You must be wondering what I, your very great janitor, am doing, making an announcement. But, fear not! There is no emergency mess. I am not calling for back-up.

Rather, I am the new owner of a magic item, that lets me make beautiful sand sculptures! Did you see a sand Papyrus on your way to the city? I hope it brightened your day!

My announcement is: I am willing to create sand sculptures for you! If you have any requests, call me! My frequency is 172.79787. I can make all kinds of things! Or if you want to borrow the ring.

For secret, surprise requests... Come find me, and ask in person! And ask in a very quiet voice. I think that's the best way.

Over! And out!

[OOC: Please mention if you're responding on the public channel, Papyrus' channel, or in-person. And feel free to threadjack, I welcome threads about your characters brainstorming or teasing each other about prank ideas.]
lordofthering: (trendsetter)
[Early Day 55, all of the radios's screens will light up green, as they do when the Ringmaster speaks. Despite the message she is delivering, she actually sounds quite at ease.]

Hello, everyone. I am obligated to report to you that I have lost my abilities and have become mortal, for the time being! This means that for the next little while, I will be as easy to kill as any one of you, and won't be able to perform any of my spectacular feats of magic. So, don't become the target of any terrible curses in the next little while, hmm? I wouldn't recommend telling the merfolk of my state, either.

I assure you, this is not a lie or a trick, I am merely informing you out of solemn duty. It should not cause problems in the long run, but there may be minor inconvenience over the next few days. Don't ask me how this happened because I'm not going to tell you.

You may complete your performances for the week as expected, and I will update you when circumstances have changed.

Any questions?

[Follow up log is here.]
10th-Jan-2017 05:13 pm - [118.11295] - Public WTF
musicinmotion: (♫52)
[Of all the things that Yuuri had expected to happen because he went to a carnival, getting apparently stuck with said carnival had not been on the list.

He was honestly waiting to wake up from this weird fever dream.]

Could..would anyone--if there's anyone listening--be willing to help me out? I'm not entirely sure where I'm suppose to be going. [A pause.] Or doing.

[He'd been given a trailer number and told he'd be a showman. Real descriptive.]

M-my name is Katsuki Yuuri. By the way.

[Someone's unsettled.]
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