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Public Channel

[Look who finally figured out that maybe he should make himself known. It was probably Elsa or a nudge from the Ringmaster that got him going that he needed to start gathering some people for his work. Good thing he had worked with cellphones before, enough to grasp the idea of the device.]

For those unaware, I am not Jimmy Novak. He is my vessel, but I am not him and he is not me. It's difficult to explain and even more for others to understand but please don't throw yourself at me for a hug or ask that I bring you food. I am an angel, and those of demonic origins can find my presence unsettling or painful. I would like to avoid anyone being hurt or frightened if they try to embrace me thinking that I am Jimmy.

[There's an exasperated murmur in the background, probably someone keeping Cas on track or reminding him that not everyone knows who he is.]

Nametags? Why would I wear a nametag? What is a nametag? [More murmurs and Cas finally speaks into the device again instead of to the other person.]

Oh, yes, I am Castiel. While I have been with the Carnival for some time, I have rarely been with all of you. It was better that I be out in the world getting the things we needed. I have been promoted to the Acquisitioner position. I am in need of others to fill out the roles of helping me gain what the Carnival needs. I would also like to have lists of what is needed from the other Supervisors or people within the Carnival. I don't think the note I got that everyone needs a fluffy kitten is a legitimate request. Nor is fifty percent less material on performance costumes. That would be something to request from your own Supervisor or the Ringmaster herself.
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I don't know, it's pretty important to me that everyone has a fluffy kitty.
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Who would eat a fluffy kitty?
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I mean, that makes sense, but I'm not sure what it has to do with eating them.
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[He shakes his head, brushing that zany piece of logic aside.]

Welcome back Castiel. There really isn't anyone who could replace you.
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[He doesn't miss the term "vessel" in there, but that's equally difficult a question to ask.] So you and Jimmy look a lot alike?
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You mean you share the same body? His body?
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You could hurt...? [Emotionally, or are you a scary demon. It's starting to sound like scary demon.]

If you're separated here then there has to be something different! Like the kind of clothes you wear! Or what you do with your hair?
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[He snickers.] So how do we tell you apart when he's not smiling? Maybe you can wear different colored scarves?
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You could still wear a scarf. It's easy to see so people won't mix you up as much.
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Hehhhh...so it'd be like if Aslla was here from when he had my body all to himself...

Except instead of demons it's angels for you!!

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Well, before we ended up in the Netherworld, Aslla Piscu was able to just take over whenever he wanted! I couldn't do anything about it, so if he was there, it was like I wasn't there at all!

But well, it was still my body, and sort of my voice, except for how he carried himself...

So you and the other guy being here would be like if I was here at the same time Aslla was here while possessing my body!

[Does this make the reference make sense?? Probably Not]
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W-Well, technically, Aslla Piscu had to ask me to make a deal before he could do it too, so...

That's sort of like asking permission?

[To be fair, while the Nether is definitely Hell, Aslla Piscu is technically just as much 'god' as he is 'demon'.]
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Hehhhhh so that's how it works...

Well, either way, we're just talking about seeing the same face here!!
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That's really thoughtful~ ...I don't know if it does anything to me, but it's nice to not learn the hard way...!
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Name tags are a tag with your name on it... could be helpful. [ AT LEAST, HE WILL FIND IT HELPFUL. Trying to remember all these names takes a While. Also, mistaken identities are never too fun. ]

[ Also, have a pause that is Yamato wondering whether he should ask about angels and then abruptly changing the topic. ] If a fluffy kitten isn't acceptable, how about puppies?

[ Can you tell he's joking? He kind of is. ]
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Oh, good! I've already got a long list of items I'd need for myself and for my act--do you have pen and paper ready?

[ this is 100% just Strange being a bit of a shit and making Castiel's life more annoying. ]
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To start with, a new travel basin. It doesn't matter what material it's made out of, just that it's portable and slightly reflective. My previous one was damaged in that vampire nonsense. Second, feathers from the rarest bird you can think of. Possibly a peacock? Certainly not a chicken, I'm up to my eyes in chicken feathers as is. Thirdly, more mirrors. The carnival needs more mirrors in general, it would certainly make my life more convenient.

[ And here Strange pauses for a bit to make certain that Castiel's actually writing things down. ]
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An angel. Right. That makes sense. [No it doesn't.]

The heck is that supposed to mean?
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[That throws her off.]

Wait, I wasn't... ugh.

I mean what's this business with angels and demons all about? Isn't that just a bunch of storybook crap?

[Of course, the same can be said for much of the Carnival and its denizens, but exposure to all this bizarre stuff just makes Rita desperate to figure out where she should be drawing the line between reality and fiction.]
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[ Oh hey, this guy. Lambert's gotten a promotion since the last time he spoke, but since he asked ... ]

One of you could just get a haircut. That should help.

How about a... GPS? [ He stumbles a little over the word. It's obviously not one he's that familiar with. ]
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One of you put a bell on, then. Preferably you.

[ To keep him from sneaking up on him. ]

And I was thinking more to track other things. [ To know that goes both ways though, that's kind of annoying. ] I can make up a list of things I need. When do you need it by?
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[ An angel...? But aren't those just shiny demons? ]

Right. Okay. So no summoning demons around ya. Got it.

[ Is he serious? Is he joking? It probably won't matter much to Castiel, but it also doesn't help that Shima almost always sounds like he's kidding. ]
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I don't think I'll ever make that particular mistake again... Sheesh.