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26th-May-2017 10:16 pm - intro | day 104
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[The voice that comes over the public channel is... odd, and new to most folks here. He pauses for a bit, as if that's the entire thought-- but, sure enough, he follows it with an obviously annoyed question.]

So we're just kind of... here, because they say so? Like... this can't be legal, can it? Has anybody tried talking to the fuckin' police about this?

[As he speaks, he gets increasingly irritated, his voice breaking.]

I'm gonna be real with you guys: I've got half a mind to just kinda magic my way out, except I'm pretty sure the Ringleader or whatever would come after me. Is that a thing?
30th-Mar-2017 08:38 pm - PUBLIC CHANNEL - LATER ON DAY 75
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What do you do when someone keeps getting mad at you no matter what you say or do?
29th-Mar-2017 06:57 pm - PUBLIC CHANNEL - DAY 75
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I... Need help with something. But I can't be specific.

How can you help someone if you don't understand what the problem is?
21st-Feb-2017 10:28 pm - 144.98750 [Early early early D64]
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[For a solid thirty seconds, anyone tuned in to the public channel might catch snippets of Greg's voice warping in and out of static as he tries to find the right station again.]ould've marked, had it writ[kghshghhshh]know if it[hhsshhhkshhzz]onono that was... think that was... hello? Hello?

I--I think, uh, there's something... wrong? But it's good... and I shouldn't, but I... do. That doesn't make sense, I know, and that's why I'm confused. I think I'm scared? But I'm not. But I want to... be... but...

My head hurts, and also my... I'm confused, and... I don't get it.
15th-Feb-2017 08:33 am - 144.98750 PUBLIC CHANNEL
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Okay! We've got a few more newbies so the mandatory ice breaker game is two truths and two lies! Say two things about yourself that are true and two that are a lie, and then everyone else well try and guess which ones are the lies. Got it?

I'll go first:

My blood is yellow.
I was hatched with four eyes and four horns.
Purple is my favorite color.
I'm a wanted criminal on my home planet.

[OOC: Respond with your own truths and lies and answer each other, or ask Psi about his. Threadjacking is encouraged!]
12th-Feb-2017 08:55 am - [ 118.11295 ] Public Channel
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S-Something's wrong. Why--wasn't this stuff suppose to go away when we left Atlantis??

[Hello everyone! Excuse the abrupt message but someone is having a minor freak out. They had left Atlantis and oh was it a great feeling waking up with legs again but after putting his glasses on? Yuuri had realized that something was still wrong.

Namely the blue spots that still ran from the base of his neck down his arms and down his spine. Spots that were definitely still luminescent.

He's scrubbing at the spots as he addresses the network but yeah it's not doing a damn thing.

And there are definitely a pair of small goat horns poking through his hair but those he hasn't noticed yet.


Is this permanent??
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[Early Day 55, all of the radios's screens will light up green, as they do when the Ringmaster speaks. Despite the message she is delivering, she actually sounds quite at ease.]

Hello, everyone. I am obligated to report to you that I have lost my abilities and have become mortal, for the time being! This means that for the next little while, I will be as easy to kill as any one of you, and won't be able to perform any of my spectacular feats of magic. So, don't become the target of any terrible curses in the next little while, hmm? I wouldn't recommend telling the merfolk of my state, either.

I assure you, this is not a lie or a trick, I am merely informing you out of solemn duty. It should not cause problems in the long run, but there may be minor inconvenience over the next few days. Don't ask me how this happened because I'm not going to tell you.

You may complete your performances for the week as expected, and I will update you when circumstances have changed.

Any questions?

[Follow up log is here.]
16th-Jan-2017 12:24 am - PUBLIC CHANNEL
osteothropy: by what-the-floofin@tumblr (i apologize to everyone)
Just an FYI... but, uh, I would like to note that, as the chief of security, I am now officially accepting bribes in the form of Atlantean gold.

Thanks a million.
10th-Jan-2017 05:43 pm - public channel!
vitrissimo: (pic#10845151)
[ after he's settled in and been assigned his trailer and jobs, he's decided to roam around to find where this 'job' would be. the reality of everything hasn't entirely settled in yet. rather, he thinks that this is just a prank or a 'day thing' or something. there's a definite mental block on it.

nonetheless, he's going to the use the walkie on the public channel once he's reached the animals. there's a cacophony of animal noises in the background when he presses the button down to speak: ]

I didn't realize half of these animals existed! [ there's a roar and then some weird hissing. ]

How do you 'take care' of a dragon? Is there a special brush... or food...? He's much bigger than Makkachin! Speaking of which, has anyone seen an adorable poodle anywhere?
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