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public channel, day 86

Hey, it’s Ginko. Uh… so, my and Tanyuu’s entire supply of mushi tobacco seems to have gone missing? I don’t necessarily mean to imply that someone took it, but, unless someone can explain how two months’ worth of prepared repellent, cigarettes, and all of the plants we get it from could disappear on their own, someone probably took it.

And for the record, mushi tobacco has no narcotic effects whatsoever, it just repels mushi, so… if anyone wanted it for recreational purposes, you might as well give it back. I promise I won’t be angry.

[He’s not mad, just disappointed very worried.]

Seriously, we… need this stuff back, preferably soon. Oh, and-- Zecora, heads up, if you’ve got any mushi tobacco stored away I might need to stop by and take some. I can trade with funnel cake.
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Wasn't me.
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Not sure what use anybody else has for them.


Formal announcement to any weed thieves that might be responsible.

Mushi repellent is actually a matter of carnival safety. So. If you don't come forward before I have to get off my pelvis and come looking for you...

Then you'll be officially guilty of endangering the carnival, and the Ringmaster's property. Which means it'll be officially my job, and privilege, to actually kick your ass.


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What do you need it for?
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Will they burn everything down? [He remembers that story.]

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Soooo. It's not weed. That's what you're sayin'?

[ Also that it's all missing, but let's clarify this other point first. ]
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So I don't waste my time keeping any in the event I find where it's all gone. S'not like I stole it or anything, just for the record.

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I haven't seen it in the kitchens, but if any gets 'lost' in the cafeteria, I'll drop it off.
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Dear god no. We're not that hard up for seasonings. Unless it smells remarkably like rosemary or oregano, it'll be fine.

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That's bad to hear.
Ginko, I fear
My supply is small.
I have not much at all.
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If we don't manage that feat
I'll prepare to treat.

[Rather than amused resignation, Zecora almost sounds cheerful at the prospect. After all, she understands mushi well considering how long she's been dealing with them, and they represent quite a mild challenge compared to... recent events.]

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I'll keep an eye out. What's a Mushi?
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So they're like spirits? Why would someone take your repellant?
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It had a pretty distinct smell. I can try to sniff out where it went, assuming whoever took it just didn't completely destroy the stuff.

[ Why would they even, though... ]

How long has it been since it went missing?
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Trail probably hasn't gone cold, then. Should be able to pick it up.

Sounds like you're expecting trouble if we can't find it.
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... Mushi? [ He's definitely not familiar with the term. ]

Are there any... identifying features? So we know to stay away?
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Oh dear. I guess locking up items is going to have to be more of a thing...

[Having more than a handful of possessions instead of a communal pool doesn't feel entirely natural to Scout, but she's pretty versed on the concept.]

Where were you growing it?

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Not to typecast people, but is there any chance... those notorious pokemon thieves took it?
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Uh... what's a "mushi"? I guess you're not talking about bugs, right?