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PUBLIC CHANNEL - Sometime during the morning of Day 76

If anyone still needs stuff to keep warm, I've found some coats and scarves and other winter clothing in the wardrobe's storage area.

[ There's a sound of boxes being opened and probably the sound of fabric rustling, because he's talking and sorting things at the same time. ]

Let me know if you need to borrow them?
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[I voice and number he doesn't recognize.]

Who's this?
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I'm the Psionic, nice to meet you.

[Kind of...]

I'm head of the labor crew so if you have any questions don't hesitate to ask!
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No problem!

So, there any boots in those boxes you found?
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You're actually planning on sticking around?
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[ Someone who's very, very cold and very, very rude -- though the two things aren't necessarily related to each other. In any case, the next bit is muttered: ]

There are enough crazy people around here.

[ And then, at a more normal volume: ]

Wardrobe ... shit, where was that again?

[ Surprise, when you get shoved into a Carnival as a mercenary and literally have no reason to get fancy performance clothes ever, you don't actually know where something of that sort is. ]
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All right. Guess I'll stop by.

[ Since he's apparently sticking around long enough to at least make a token effort at looking for a candle... Sadly, it's unlikely Lambert will do anything to change that impression. However, with that out of the way, he does pick up on something else.]

You new around here?

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Hah, no. There's never a good time for winter.

We were in hell a week ago.
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For real.

[ To be fair, nobody expects to literally be in Hell, period. ]

So like I said: good timing. Would've been a mess to come in then.
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[ As much as Lambert personally despises the cold, yeah, he can acknowledge that it's objectively better than hell, even if he personally found hell easier to deal with. ]

Never gave it. I'm Lambert.
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[ Whatever, it's useful to know anyway. ]

Looks like it. See you around.
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[ Oh hey, that guy. Hello, that guy! ]

Don't s'pose there are any winter hats there that work with three eyes, huh?
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[ No hard feelings there, right, Mr. Mirror Puncher? ]

Like, what, a hat with a hole in it? I guess that would make as much sense as ones with holes for horns, though.
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[ Not too important, actually, but he sure bets wool over an eyeball is uncomfortable. ]

I guess there's always earmuffs. I had a pair of those back home, but I never thought to bring anything like that with me to visit a carnival, y'know?
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Didn't expect to be stuck working at a carnival, either, for that matter, but what can ya do?

[ Hence the no bringing of, well, pretty much anything. ]

I'll have to drop by for some if this sticks around, then. Maybe a scarf, too.
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What? Really? Afraid of a little cold? I actually think I prefer all this snow and wind to how hot it is out on the islands.
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Fair enough.

[ Although he's still going to take some winter happily after a day in a literal hellscape, no matter how many days that was ago now. ]

Where is wardrobe's storage, anyway? I always figured that stuff was just for anyone who had to dress up fancy, but if there's normal clothes in there...
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Yeah, but you think it'd be all weird stuff because of the dimension hoppin' thing... but all right. Behind the Big Top.

I'll swing by to pick up a few things when I get the chance!
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I need a hat. A hat that can handle my ears...

Although you know, around here, that should actually be really easy to get, shouldn't it? [Ash sounds like she's had her mind blown.]
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Cat, of course! I keep forgetting there are still people here who don't know I'm a catgirl.
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It's cool, around here everyone seems to end up with ears or a tail or something if you just wait long enough. There's sure to be something there for me, I'll pop over!
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Oh! That's really kind of you. I can probably lend out some of the fire bats for warmth too!
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sorry for the long wait!

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They'll do it if I ask them to, sure! As long as there's extra potato peelings in it for them.