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Hey, I know this is a kind of weird thing to say, but to all you newbies without common sense out there: Do not warn visitors about getting indebted to the carnival. I don't want to see anyone getting in trouble their first week, especially not anyone on my team. Got it?
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You know time won't pass at all where you're from right?
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[ Hold on. ]

Are... are you sure?
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Of course!

That's the entire point of the system!

How else could anyone make a contract for something to be done where they're from? It'd be pointless if whatever they needed help with was already over by the time the contract was fulfilled!
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What do you mean 'easy', I'm just explaining!
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Oh!!! [Please miss, you will destroy his ears-]

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Okay then!

[Annnd back to full volume.]
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Oh... I didn't realize that some could be that time-sensitive.
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It's all in her promise-once you're done, you go right back to the exact moment you were gone!

It's really nice~ It makes it really easy to be able to enjoy yourself, knowing that nothing bad will happen in the meantime!
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.... I guess everything bad is waiting to happen for when I get back.

[ She's oddly relieved. ]
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Th-That doesn't have to be that way if it's really bad you know!

You could probably ask if the Ringmaster could do something...I mean I was destined to forget a lot of things when I went back home, but she's set it up so that it won't happen for sure!
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... What do you mean, destined to forget?
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It's really complicated, but basically when I asked for one thing, it turned out I'd be unable to do it unless something else happened...

So I asked to make sure that something else happened-and that something else was remembering things!
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So your contract is helping you to change things back home?
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[ Well.

That's interesting. ]

How many contracts can someone make?
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One for a year of work!

I worked off three already! Now I'm working on my fourth one!

I'm going to spend a day having fun with the Ringmaster!~

[Why would you work a year for this, oh well]
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[ Chiaki will remember that. ]

If you find out what she looks like, you should tell us!
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cue debut of icon mule eyyy

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Heh? [Wat] Wouldn't you have seen her already when you signed the contract?
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No... I mean, I did! But she said that that isn't what she normally looks like.
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It's not? [There is a bit of silence, before she realizes what Chiaki is saying.] OH!

So she's got changes from here too?

That's really cool!!
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I-- I don't really know.

[ Maybe??? ]

Maybe you can find out?

[ why are they yelling ]
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Mnnnh, I don't know how I would do that...

I mean, do you think she has a picture around...AH!!

That would be really rude actually, I definitely can't ask that!!

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