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6th-Oct-2017 07:45 pm - PUBLIC CHANNEL [D171, around 20:15]
spaghettimonster: (I'M ELEVEN)
Attention everyone! This is your Papyrus speaking. I have discovered... a library! By which I mean, I asked if there were books, and somebody led me here. Some of you, I'm sure, are saying to yourselves... "What's the point of this announcement? I don't read? Why are you telling us this, besides letting us hear your voice...?"

Well! That's really quite simple. Some of us don't sleep... at all?? Which makes the whole curfew thing kind of a nightmare. The not-dreaming, bored kind.

Thusly: I've decided to entertain myself, and all of you (who choose to tune in), with audiobooks! The kind where you can't fast forward, because it's just me, live, reading a book. But you can suggest books! I am open to whatever.

So catch me tonight! At curfew! On my channel! 172.79787!

Somniacs, disregard this whole message. The rest of you, I'm now taking questions and suggestions.
osteothropy: by leeffi@tumblr (thinking about turning into a wolf)
[Sans is blue.]
[Lambert is dark red.]

[ Supervisors’ Channel ] )

[ Public Channel ]

[ Lambert’s voice is terse, and irritable: ]

Our next stop’s called Heartstone Manor. We’re going to go over some ground rules to make everyone's life, especially mine, a lot easier.

[Sans is also here.]

The RM has already covered a lot of this in her announcement, but it is officially our jobs to make sure that it sinks in. Dealt with True Fae before? Then you know this isn’t a joke. Yes, your fashion sense and table etiquette are now a matter of life and death. This is me, Sans, telling you to take this seriously. Hopefully that means something to you.

To summarize the gist of what was said, here are some basic RULES. The Nightrider and I will be watching. So, even if the Prince doesn’t catch you, we will.

[Sans recites “The Rules” like he’s just whipped out a pair of reading glasses and is quoting them from an official document:]


  • Follow the daily schedule
  • Follow dress code
  • Be polite to The Prince and his servants
  • Keep your radio on you


  • Whine about everything
  • Seed rebellion or talk about rules breaking on the network
  • Make any deals or promises to other fae servants
  • Lay any hard disses on The Prince, ever, under any circumstances
  • Don’t sweat the small stuff: this is gunna grate on a lot of us, so just focus on the end goal… which is not dying

Don’t mess it up.

That, too.
26th-Sep-2017 07:50 pm - day 169, public channel
idiotwizard: (UGH PLEASE)
So, uhhh, hey, fuck this place!

[Despite his words, Taako actually sounds more upbeat and alive than he has in a while. He sounds angry, but... alive and functional.]

Like, for real, seriously, though, fuck this place. I've got a world to save, and a sister to remember, and all that, and it's like, nope, time to go back to work at your other job, the one you didn't even sign up for!

[Taako's back, yall. Back physically and mentally!]
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[Several hours later, as the day approaches evening, the Ringmaster will return. Unfortunately, she doesn't sound any more cheerful than before - in fact, she sounds far more flustered and frustrated, though she is trying to conceal it beneath a layer of authority. Her words go very much against what she said before, and she's trying very hard not to acknowledge that.]

Alright, change of plans. [There is the edge of a tired sigh in her voice.] My... ally, has decided that in order to negotiate properly, we all need to stay over at his castle for a few days. Grab anything you'll need for the next little while. We'll be heading out to his realm after supper.


[There's a notable pause of hesitation, and it shows in her voice.]

I must admit... despite our connection, this ally is another Wyld Fae, and he is not a fun character. I am having us stay with him for the sake of diplomacy, but it is very important that we are civil while we stay there. Be kind to our host, and he will be... well, perhaps not kind in return, but he won't be able to hurt you. Those of you more familiar with my kind... I'm sure you understand the importance of playing by our rules.

Don't disappoint me, everyone! I'll be very upset if you do. What I'm trying to accomplish here is very important, you see. In the face of... recent events.

If you have any questions, now is the time. Lambert, Sans, Childermass... I will be contacting you separately.
24th-Aug-2017 06:14 pm - PUBLIC CHANNEL - DAY 148
whattaprick: (are you fucking kidding?)
[ After all that super serious fae speculation, surely the Nightrider would have something important to say, right? Of course he doesn't. ]

All right, so which of you jokers put an egg in Pig's pen?

[ If he sounds faintly annoyed, it's because he is. ]

Now I can't get her out of there -- and before you ask, yes, I tried putting her back in the ball, and then she tried stepping on my head. Obviously, I'm just a little concerned why my horse has decided to try and hatch whatever this is-- [ He breaks off midway, yelling away from the radio. ]

Hey! Baker! I told you to leave that alone!

[ And on that inconclusive note, the radio post ends. ]
22nd-Aug-2017 06:40 pm - Public Channel - Day 146
mylastchance: (043)
[Eldath, he hates using this thing, but he has to has to has to get used to it if he wants to actually survive around here. So...]

Two questions...

One, would anyone lend me their pokemon to practice an act?

Two, is there a way to figure out someone's birthday if they don't know it?
6th-Aug-2017 08:30 pm - [Public Channel | Day 143]
hippocarnival: (hell no ✮)
[ The radio comes on to the sound of creaking wood and a familiar voice that is, for once, not sounding all that agitated, though it’s a little distant. ]

“--just burn us out of this.”

“Then you’re just going to burn us with it!
[Yuya’s tone, comparatively, sounds snappish.] “Don’t--don’t do anything, I’m going to get us help--”

[The radio clicks off. And then immediately clicks back on.] “Hello?”

[The anger’s been smoothed out of his voice, and instead Yuya is sounding fairly composed.] “Is there anyone available right now who doesn’t mind coming to the Summerlands? We’re, uh--we’re stuck.”

“In a tree.” [ Lambert contributes helpfully. That’s not super specific or anything, and that’s is why burning things would help! There’s another creak of wood, something shifting and shuddering, and his tone doesn’t change a jot as he continues. ] “Which may or may not be trying to hug us to death.”

[Yuya is just going to ignore Lambert’s fatalism.] “We don’t really know where we are, but we were drifting… east of the city? Do these things have GPS?” [Does half the carnival even know what GPS is?]

“We’re going to get out of the tree!” [He pipes up confidently, despite it.] “But help would be appreciated.”

((Red = Yuya, Green = Lambert. Replies are separate, threadjacking is free and wild. These boys are dumb.))
31st-Jul-2017 09:25 pm - PUBLIC CHANNEL -- DAY 138
dorkypantsuit: (-v)
[He feels like shit, but he is still a supervisor...]

Mandatory check-in.

Name, department, and health status.
28th-May-2017 11:35 am - Broadcast 1 | Day 105
songbird_slayer: (pic#10074770)
[There's a cheery bit of humming over the network, the brush of fingers over the receiver.]

Test, test! Let's try... Ramuh:

Ula menida tula oh (tula oh)
Tela omnida tula ei (tula ei)

[The voice sounded strange as she sang, fuller and with its own added echo. In the recorded distance was a very brief, very quiet rumble of thunder. It silenced as the voice did, before there was a delighted applause.]

Oh, it's working! Good.

Good afternoon, one and all! I am Madhuri, a bard from the Azim Steppe, and I owe a debt. I've been tasked with creating a show, and I have just the thing... burlesque! Or cabaret. The definition of both is quite muddy, dears, but do take your pick of which term you like.

As for what that is, it's... hmm. It's song, dance, skits or even dramas with an adult flair. It's a 'put the kids to bed and come have a little loud fun' sort of thing. Viewers sit and enjoy food and drink while a solo performance or a group performance gives them a few merry little tunes while dressed in the loveliest garters, stockings and other wild things on offer!

Before you ask: It's a "look, but do not touch" sort of show. We're here to liberate and entertain, and it isn't a brothel. Tsk- The number of times these heels of mine have been applied to faces to make the point known...

So I'm going to need the aid of some none-too-shy costume designers, daring makeup artists and even bolder performers who feel like cutting a little loose a few nights a month.

[You can definitely hear the smile in her voice now:] This ab-so-lutely includes the gentlemen as well as the ladies; I've seen some of you out and about today, fellas... let's just say I see lots of potential. Don't be shy~

But I've held your ear for long enough. Drop me a line if you're interested either here or at my trailer in lot 26. Unless of course you'd rather just chat with little old me instead. I'm here.
26th-May-2017 10:16 pm - intro | day 104
idiotwizard: (Default)

[The voice that comes over the public channel is... odd, and new to most folks here. He pauses for a bit, as if that's the entire thought-- but, sure enough, he follows it with an obviously annoyed question.]

So we're just kind of... here, because they say so? Like... this can't be legal, can it? Has anybody tried talking to the fuckin' police about this?

[As he speaks, he gets increasingly irritated, his voice breaking.]

I'm gonna be real with you guys: I've got half a mind to just kinda magic my way out, except I'm pretty sure the Ringleader or whatever would come after me. Is that a thing?
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