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26th-Sep-2017 07:50 pm - day 169, public channel
idiotwizard: (UGH PLEASE)
So, uhhh, hey, fuck this place!

[Despite his words, Taako actually sounds more upbeat and alive than he has in a while. He sounds angry, but... alive and functional.]

Like, for real, seriously, though, fuck this place. I've got a world to save, and a sister to remember, and all that, and it's like, nope, time to go back to work at your other job, the one you didn't even sign up for!

[Taako's back, yall. Back physically and mentally!]
12th-May-2017 08:37 pm - 144.98750: public channel, day 98
dontpokethat: now that ive changed the meaning of really well to the opposite of what it means in my head (things are going really well for me)
[Jeez, Ginko feels like he has been on the radio a lot lately. But he does sound considerably less distressed than the last time he made an announcement.]

Hey, so I know people might, uh… be getting tired of hearing from me, given recent circumstances. But it’s good news this time, I promise.

Our rat king, Rex, seems to be growing his seventh head, which makes him six years old now. If anyone wants to come by and see, he’s in the menagerie as usual; I’d recommend it, since this might be some of you guys’ only chance to see this. Uh… be careful, though, it can’t see yet, so it might be a little more prone to bite than the others. Just watch your hands.
30th-Mar-2017 08:38 pm - PUBLIC CHANNEL - LATER ON DAY 75
wild_magic: (42)
What do you do when someone keeps getting mad at you no matter what you say or do?
15th-Feb-2017 08:33 am - 144.98750 PUBLIC CHANNEL
dorkypantsuit: (Default)
Okay! We've got a few more newbies so the mandatory ice breaker game is two truths and two lies! Say two things about yourself that are true and two that are a lie, and then everyone else well try and guess which ones are the lies. Got it?

I'll go first:

My blood is yellow.
I was hatched with four eyes and four horns.
Purple is my favorite color.
I'm a wanted criminal on my home planet.

[OOC: Respond with your own truths and lies and answer each other, or ask Psi about his. Threadjacking is encouraged!]
9th-Feb-2017 07:36 am - Public Channel
mylastchance: (🍃 Drafty)
What do you think is the cause of feeling... Restless?
10th-Dec-2016 09:36 pm - VERY IMPORTANT BROADCAST 144.98750
veinglory: (Did someone say lunchtime?)
Attention, attention!

I am interested in bartering for pies, pastries -- goodness, any item with sugar!


... oh, I suppose I should mention what I have to trade? Um.

I am afraid I only have my body, alas and alack. Use me as you will.

Every great man must make sacrifices in times of famine.
pipers_son: (bestia-domitor) (And I'd rather cry while putting a)
[The messages all come in fairly short order, one after another spread across a few different channels.]

144.98750 (Public)
Helloooooo, everyone! Hope the newbies from the last month are gettin' used ta everythin' now, and that our extra new faces aren't gettin' too bothered! Don't worry, we were all in yer position once.

That said, if any of ya come across someone who knows much about sewin' or fashion while we're travelin', let me know, won'tcha?

628.96718 (Wardrobe)
I don't know if the Ringmaster told ya, but, in absence of Variss takin' off, I'll be workin' with all of ya as a temporary wardrobe manager until we find someone else who can step up ta the plate.

I know this is a bit sudden, but lets work together best we can. I ain't expectin' anyone ta change up their way of doin' things much, but I do need ta know what you'll need of me and what you'll want ta do on yer own, all that. We can make this work until we get someone ta fill Variss' shoes.

507.50844 (Entertainment)
Alright! So I'm gonna be a tad busy in the comin' days, takin' on extra work for the Ringmaster. That means I'll need all of you lot ta work yer hardest.

I think at this point, most of ya greenhorns know what's asked of ya, and, for those who've been about, I shouldn't have ta say much about keepin' on track. Tamaki, Lauren, I'm still good for trainin' ya more, so don't worry, we'll still be meetin' in the mornin's. Gottlieb, keep workin' yer doin' good.

If there's anythin' ya want ta talk about, now's the time~.

797.32446 (Cookhouse)
Hey~. Just a quick favor, but could ya make sure that Gottlieb doesn't get too many sweets and the like? I want ta make sure he's on the right track ta bein' in performance shape. And by 'too many', I mean 'at all', ah ha. At least until I have him a bit more used ta exercise.
7th-Dec-2016 03:47 am - (Public Channel)
lilacwood: (⚜ (lady) queen)
Who else has found themselves under...contract? (She speaks softly, haltingly, though it is not out of fear or uncertainty.) I have seen others, but I have not approached them. They are...a mixture of humans...and others.

(Her first hours have been spent watching; it certainly felt like the safer option.)

I am told I will assist...the doctor? As a nurse. I have never heard of such a profession.

(But there is much she does not know about humans - and that point has been highlighted by her new form. If the Ringmaster comes through on her promise, Amalthea will be profoundly grateful.)
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