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Public Channel

So... how many people here are comfortable with casual sex? I'm asking explicitly about people who might be interested right now, to be clear.

[For something out of Foster's mouth, it's pretty well censored, honestly; he's spent a long time fighting with the urge to do this.]

Don't worry, I'm down for absolutely anything, the harder the better! I'm in trailer 18, so you can, ah... I'm easy to find.
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[okay. the blood on the walls? fine. the hoards of coins and general disorganization? fine. the fits of self harm and looping spirals of sputtering, delirious and confused self hate? FINE.

this?? finally: not fine. this is finally a thing Annabelle is not okay with. her voice is very stern.]

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Do not just invite paramours into our trailer willy-nilly! I don't want to be an incidental witness to whatever that's like.

Interesting though it is, I'm sure...

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Well, I wouldn't have to if you weren't talking about it in public.

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[Stares at his radio.

Slowly turns it off.]
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Dang, dude! Too much friggin' information! Also: there's kids in this place, y'know!! Entire, actual, real life children!! Is it just impossible for you to think before you let that nasty trash fall outta your stupid mouth?! What's wrong with you, man? Don't use the radios like some kinda seedy personals section.
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in this episode, lars torches his radio into a plasticy pulp

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Obviously! As like, an understatement! Is that even a real question?? That's gotta be some dumbheaded rhetorical nonsense, cuz why—wait.

Are you gettin' off t'this!?


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So that's how a carnivore does it...

[He's kinda impressed, but mostly weirded out.]
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No. [Sounding a little annoyed Foster doesn't know his very specific Japanese slang.] Like really forward. For sex and stuff.

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As opposed ta.... formal sex?

[Ugh, adult life sounds very confusing, thank goodness she has almost no interest in getting to the point of having to figure out casual, formal, radio-calls, all this.]

S'all good! :Db

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Why are you doing this?

[Could people do this? Wait, no, that's not-]

There's people listening.

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[screaming internally]

Please do not use the talking boxes to discuss having relations! There are children listening!

[SO MUCH screaming internally]

foster honey no

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[ Here's another person definitively not responding to this, but he isn't turning the radio off.

It's too funny listening to people have a fit about someone who isn't him, all right? ]
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Dude, I am normally all for that, but I thiiiink you might be going a bit far.
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[... What the hell?]

...That is so not how that works!

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CW: death-threats???????

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Sure, why not?

... I might set you on fire, though.

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