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Day 173, Public Channel, Free Time

[Way too much shit has been happening lately, from Julien's call on the radio to San's disappearance to the whole uneasy mess that was the Prince's little hunting excursion. What can Joker even do? He's the Stage Manager; this is out of his jurisdiction.]

[According to Lambert and Childermass, however, he can at least do this.]

Hello, folks. This is yer Stage Manager again, with a little reminder. We are guests here. So try ta follow the rules that have been set in place, alright? This includes at dinner, and at curfew.

I know we're all real curious, half of ya probably never even been in a castle before, but it bears repeatin'-

[And he very suddenly drops his warm and thick accent, going for something that almost sounds proper and is, thus, weird as hell coming out of Joker's mouth.]

Don't break the rules or curfew.

[Aaaaaand then it's back again.]

If yer havin' any trouble with anythin' or have questions, I'm available right now. Yer free ta come find me, over in the library. Have a good night, everyone.

[And for the love of god, don't do something stupid. He knows that's a lot to ask for, but please.]
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[ Lambert's out of better ideas. With the Warden (probably) in the Prince's hands, even if it risks panicking his more easily riled colleagues, who will almost certainly notice Sans missing at breakfast ... he doesn't have a choice.

By the time this message comes on the radio, there's only about ten minutes until they have to be harried off to breakfast, and that's pushing it. Nonetheless, he's got to make an effort: ]

Hey. I need a second opinion on this outfit. Can you come by my room?

[ However, he won't be replying on the supervisor channel even if he's questioned. Take a hint, guys! ]
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Night of 172/Super Early Morning of 173

[Hi, did you want a radio message at two in the morning? A minute ago Julien yelled "No!" which might have been audible in the rooms to either side.

He's very distracted but has enough of his wits now to not want to cause a panic. His human form is using the angel language he learned in Portland. Only a few other carnies understand it, and his voice has the artificial flatness of someone who's learned to speak calmly in bad situation. His breath keeps catching in a pained way, though, and he doesn't know it but he's only got a minute or so left.]

I took Reira to see me in the stable. There are wolves. They're taking us outside somewhere. Servants are not part of this.

I will try to help her. Any way I can.

It's my fault.
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[ Roughly around five in the morning, the supervisor-only channel will crackle to life with Childermass's consistently bored-sounding voice, even in the face of this particular news— ]

Tyki Mikk is missing. He failed to report back in earlier this morning and isn't in his assigned room. I've yet to check the rest of them, but I can if need be.

[ Although Zecora may have known even before now, depending on whether or not she's a light enough sleeper to know when her roommate is shadow-stepping in and out of the place. ]
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PUBLIC CHANNEL [D171, around 20:15]

Attention everyone! This is your Papyrus speaking. I have discovered... a library! By which I mean, I asked if there were books, and somebody led me here. Some of you, I'm sure, are saying to yourselves... "What's the point of this announcement? I don't read? Why are you telling us this, besides letting us hear your voice...?"

Well! That's really quite simple. Some of us don't sleep... at all?? Which makes the whole curfew thing kind of a nightmare. The not-dreaming, bored kind.

Thusly: I've decided to entertain myself, and all of you (who choose to tune in), with audiobooks! The kind where you can't fast forward, because it's just me, live, reading a book. But you can suggest books! I am open to whatever.

So catch me tonight! At curfew! On my channel! 172.79787!

Somniacs, disregard this whole message. The rest of you, I'm now taking questions and suggestions.
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Nightrunner Channel [Day 170]

All right, nightrunners. I’ll keep this short. I want a map of this place and I want to know what might piss the Prince off that they aren’t warning us about. The fae have rules, doesn’t mean they’re not out to trick us into breaking them.

[ It’s not like that’s how the Ringmaster gets a fair amount of her labor or anything. Last thing they need is someone turning into a vase. ]

You see anyone starting shit, figure out how to shut it down without getting attention. The Prince is going to have people working for him too -- don’t get too cozy, they’re not here to do us any favors. Learn anything worth knowing, tell the rest of us.

Any questions?
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[Sans is blue.]
[Lambert is dark red.]

[ Supervisors’ Channel ] )

[ Public Channel ]

[ Lambert’s voice is terse, and irritable: ]

Our next stop’s called Heartstone Manor. We’re going to go over some ground rules to make everyone's life, especially mine, a lot easier.

[Sans is also here.]

The RM has already covered a lot of this in her announcement, but it is officially our jobs to make sure that it sinks in. Dealt with True Fae before? Then you know this isn’t a joke. Yes, your fashion sense and table etiquette are now a matter of life and death. This is me, Sans, telling you to take this seriously. Hopefully that means something to you.

To summarize the gist of what was said, here are some basic RULES. The Nightrider and I will be watching. So, even if the Prince doesn’t catch you, we will.

[Sans recites “The Rules” like he’s just whipped out a pair of reading glasses and is quoting them from an official document:]


  • Follow the daily schedule
  • Follow dress code
  • Be polite to The Prince and his servants
  • Keep your radio on you


  • Whine about everything
  • Seed rebellion or talk about rules breaking on the network
  • Make any deals or promises to other fae servants
  • Lay any hard disses on The Prince, ever, under any circumstances
  • Don’t sweat the small stuff: this is gunna grate on a lot of us, so just focus on the end goal… which is not dying

Don’t mess it up.

That, too.
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day 169, public channel

So, uhhh, hey, fuck this place!

[Despite his words, Taako actually sounds more upbeat and alive than he has in a while. He sounds angry, but... alive and functional.]

Like, for real, seriously, though, fuck this place. I've got a world to save, and a sister to remember, and all that, and it's like, nope, time to go back to work at your other job, the one you didn't even sign up for!

[Taako's back, yall. Back physically and mentally!]


[Several hours later, as the day approaches evening, the Ringmaster will return. Unfortunately, she doesn't sound any more cheerful than before - in fact, she sounds far more flustered and frustrated, though she is trying to conceal it beneath a layer of authority. Her words go very much against what she said before, and she's trying very hard not to acknowledge that.]

Alright, change of plans. [There is the edge of a tired sigh in her voice.] My... ally, has decided that in order to negotiate properly, we all need to stay over at his castle for a few days. Grab anything you'll need for the next little while. We'll be heading out to his realm after supper.


[There's a notable pause of hesitation, and it shows in her voice.]

I must admit... despite our connection, this ally is another Wyld Fae, and he is not a fun character. I am having us stay with him for the sake of diplomacy, but it is very important that we are civil while we stay there. Be kind to our host, and he will be... well, perhaps not kind in return, but he won't be able to hurt you. Those of you more familiar with my kind... I'm sure you understand the importance of playing by our rules.

Don't disappoint me, everyone! I'll be very upset if you do. What I'm trying to accomplish here is very important, you see. In the face of... recent events.

If you have any questions, now is the time. Lambert, Sans, Childermass... I will be contacting you separately.
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[All the radios will light up green as she speaks - yep, it's Ringmaster time. Perhaps not a surprise, when they will probably be at their next stop soon. However, what might be a surprise, is the fact that she sounds uncharacteristically serious.]

I have business today, outside of the carnival grounds. I don't want anyone to come with me, it isn't necessary. There is an ally that I need to negotiate with, and all I need is for you to sit tight for a few hours while I work things out. We'll be off to our next tour location as soon as this is settled.

If you have any problems, contact your supervisor.

[And that's it. Wow.]
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Day 167 or so

Does anyone know what will become of our daemons when the Carnival leaves?

[There is a thread of anxiousness in Blue's usually calm tone.]
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public channel; day 159. spoilers for TAZ in the comments likely.

Somebody needs to get this fucking bracer off of me.

[His voice is... different. Instead of his usual nearly sing-song nature, there's a sharp edge to it, his words spoken more quickly than usual.]

If you think you can make this thing happen, let me know, because I'm out of ideas over here.

Public Channel - Night 158

Right, is anyone else's 'new friend' huge?

That confusion aside, please remember if you are going to be exploring unknown worlds to do so with a buddy. And no, your newfound animal companion does not count.

Labor crew, mandatory check in. Find me before I find you. That is a threat, not a suggestion.
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[ And now for something unrelated to Pokemon, faeries, and even Greysol, delivered in his more or less constant deadpan, as if this news, in particular, is somehow as exciting as watching paint dry. ]

If you are a carnival worker who has been given an extra job under the Acquisitioner, I would highly suggest answering this as soon as you possibly can. Failing that, I will come find you.

[ Definitely not a threat... right? It doesn't sound like one, honestly, but considering he can show up anywhere that has enough shadows in it, well... ]

For the rest of you, and assuming there are some who are new among you, this is John Childermass. I've been promoted from magician to a supervisory role. If you are in need of something being collected for you that the carnival is currently unable to provide, submit a request through your supervisor.

If you are lacking in one, we can work something else out. [ And here, there's a pause. A very, very short one, but one nonetheless. ] Assuming, of course, that you aren't a blatant troublemaker or asking for anything ridiculous.

[ That's all, folks. You are now free to continue on with your day. ]
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Nightrider Lambert here. In case you haven't heard by now: the things on Kerner Island eat settled daemons. So find somewhere else to take a daytrip. If you go anyway, do me a favor and keep your radio on you. That way we can all hear what it sounds like when a soul gets eaten.

[ He's about to leave it on that cheerfully sarcastic note, but then the faint sound of a female voice chimes in, scolding. For those who've met her, they'll recognize it as Lambert's daemon, the golden-eyed polecat that wears a hawk's shape outside the carnival. ]

Lambert! You didn't have to say it like that!

[ It doesn't seem to shame him one bit, though, since Lambert's going to keep right on talking: ]

For those of you whose daemon hasn't settled yet, that doesn't mean you get to be an idiot about going out there. Slipping and breaking your neck would be a stupid way to die. That said, if you're interested in doing some nightrunner work--

Come find us! [ The daemon interrupts again, louder this time, and there's a brief sound of a scuffle before her voice finally comes through loud and clear. Now it's Lambert who sounds more distant (and distinctly annoyed), though she talks right over him. ] We've got a map and other things you can use!

[ ooc: Lambert and his daemon will both be replying to his post (and probably fighting over the radio button, honestly). For ease of clarity, her responses will be in italics! ]
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Day 151, public channel

[Taako sounds... tired. He's obviously trying his best to sound like he's fine, though, despite how clear it is that he hasn't been resting well.]

Hey, so, uh... weird question. Has anybody else been having, uh... dreams lately? Like, weird ones, you know, with people you know and things like that, but... they feel super real?

[More like a memory.

He sighs.]

Uh. I know I don't usually ask about this sort of thing-- or, uh, anything at all-- but it's getting kind of hard to function, and, like... I've got a job I'm supposed to be doing, I guess, so if anybody knows what's going on, it'd be pretty chill if you could give me a hand with clearing my head over here. I figure this is definitely some kind of weird magic bullshit or something, right?

(no subject)

[Scout is not entirely sure how to address the carnival like this, so there's a self-conscious sense to her voice.]

They're breeding, so we should probably get this done. If you brought an animal home from Alola, come share what it is so we know if there's any likelihood of it pairing off. Pokemon aren't speciated like normal animals. There are these broad categories they fit into where they can interbreed. This will result in an egg that will be like its mother, not a hybrid or something new.

I'm Scout, I have a togetic named Thranta. She'd be in two breeding groups, "flying" and "fairy", so she's compatible with anything in either of those if the sexes match. Right now I don't think she's that interested, but if I let her progress into her next instar maybe that'd change?

I can't tell you don't go out and encourage them, but you really should be careful and consider if you can handle a second or third animal. This isn't Alola and you can't just release them if you're tired of them.
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[ After all that super serious fae speculation, surely the Nightrider would have something important to say, right? Of course he doesn't. ]

All right, so which of you jokers put an egg in Pig's pen?

[ If he sounds faintly annoyed, it's because he is. ]

Now I can't get her out of there -- and before you ask, yes, I tried putting her back in the ball, and then she tried stepping on my head. Obviously, I'm just a little concerned why my horse has decided to try and hatch whatever this is-- [ He breaks off midway, yelling away from the radio. ]

Hey! Baker! I told you to leave that alone!

[ And on that inconclusive note, the radio post ends. ]
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public channel - D148 - fae jargon 101

If anyone, older member or newer arrival, wants information on... [ oh lord, this is going to take a while. Strange sighs slightly before obviously reading off a list of terms he's written down. ] Arcadia, the Rose Queen, Ignatius, Nightshade, the Count of Crows, Frost, the Summer Court, the Winter Court, how faerie court hierarchies work, the Wyld Fae, or the Beast, then I'll be happy to tell you what I know. I picked up some knowledge from my time in Portland and through conversations with the fae here and, for obvious reasons, don't want to bore all of you with far too many details and speculations at once.

[ There's a pause, partly to catch his friggen breath, before Strange continues talking. ]

I can at least explain Portland, though--for our new arrivals, of course. It's a city where the carnival was recently trapped for a month. Many members had their memories altered and believed they lived in the city for their entire lives. It was a...trying experience.

[ Understatement of the century. Strange sighs, like he's steeling himself for what he's going to say next. ]

Portland had it's own set of fae, some of whom I mentioned in my previous list. Plenty of the carnival members have ill-will towards those fae, who seemed determined to vex us and ruin our lives during that month. And despite the fact that we've left that world, I've a feeling that we'll see those fae again. Now that the Severing's removed, they can travel to different worlds the same way the Ringmaster can. And it wouldn't surprise me if some tried to reclaim what or who they believe they lost.

[ how dramatic! And quite possibly the worst way to end a broadcast as Strange just flips the radio off then and there. He has absolutely no clue how to best END the broadcast so not being cryptic is officially for chumps. ]

Public Channel - Day 146

[Eldath, he hates using this thing, but he has to has to has to get used to it if he wants to actually survive around here. So...]

Two questions...

One, would anyone lend me their pokemon to practice an act?

Two, is there a way to figure out someone's birthday if they don't know it?